Suicide remains an unmentionable in the US.  People who act upon suicidality are forcibly restrained, imprisoned (involuntarily confined), intensely and intrusively observed, and are subjected to treatment and conditions which make the already unbearable even moreso.

I aim to move upstream and address the conditions which lead toward unbearable distress, what Thomas Joiner has termed thwarted belongingness and perceived burdensomeness, and overwhelming despair.

I want to explore what people find helpful, how they are comforted and reassured, and what stops suicidality from developing to the point that the distress is incompatible with life – a phrase that is used in pathophysiology to describe a condition in which a living organism can no longer survive. I also want to go further and discover what prevents suicidality from occurring in the first place.

To that end, this blog is a safe venue in which to discuss the taboos, the precipitants, and all of the hidden and concealed facets around suicidality.  No one will track or monitor visitor identities.  There will not be online interventions responding to statements about intending to end one’s life. Your autonomy over your own life is respected.  To that end, comments that threaten harm as a manipulating device will not be published.

The overarching purpose is to address ways to relieve and to prevent feelings of intolerable distress.  People who would like to author around these topics are welcome and may drop me an email to discuss.

1 thought on “Suicide

  1. The psychological autopsies are largely stupid, in my view. There are living, breathing, distressed people who are more than willing to explain if only someone was there to be open enough (and not terrified) to listen and to help work through the distress.

    I think that “someone” is those of us who experience suicidality. We may be our own best resource.

    So if this speaks to you, consider yourself welcome. Bring your best – critical thought, analysis, resources, references, support – and help to build ways to lower distress, prevent it in the first place, and find some relief for yourself.

    This is cool. Excuse me. I’m not a doctor or anyone who philosophizes on a regular basis. I am just a person struggling to get through days sometimes, enjoying them at other times. I have found some of the posts here entertaining, others thought provoking, still others sad and affecting. I copied what ‘spoke to me’ enough to comment. I think it is at the crux of what a lot of folks call ‘mental illness. When I have had more than 5 hours of sleep I may try so me ‘critical thought or analysis.’ But yes, like you / the posters here, I have also ‘learned’ what to say – and not to say – to psychiatrists et al, who have the power to lock me up. Duh. Thank you for having the guts to post this – it is a worthy voice.

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