Putrid Positivity

Another inconvenient truth about the edict to think positive thoughts as a panacea – thinking is fluid.  Forced positive thinking leads to negative thoughts, and it’s just added mental work for naught.

The bottom line is that positive thinking doesn’t work because, other than for solving math problems, thinking doesn’t work. Or said another way: if not for thought—you’d never be stuck. So why intentionally fill your head with more of what sticks (thoughts), and thwart your own level of performance and contentment?

Therefore, the next time you are tempted to reach for an affirmation, remember: you’re reaching for an illusion, for fool’s gold. You can’t think yourself into peace of mind, competitiveness, resilience, or love. For true positivity—you’ll  never, ever, have to work that hard.


4 thoughts on “Putrid Positivity

  1. yeah. whenever I tried to think empowering positive thoughts, they inevitably veered off into how horrible I am. but I could at least imagine myself in happy situations. now this doesn’t work, either.

  2. For me – changing my thoughts requires changing my actions. I do very well with distractions as a way to stop ruminating. Thinking never got me out of anything but behavior change is wonderful at dragging my stubborn brain after it.

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