Why, oh why

Annalaw, this one’s for you:

First – here’s the email I tried to send to you, but which aol rejected:
Thanks for allowing me to contact you off the blog.  And again, many thanks for your comments, insight and support.  They have meant a great deal to me!
I’m sorry that I didn’t turn out to be who you’d hoped, but I’m grateful that you stuck around, anyway.  It sounds as if you have a pretty rough row to hoe, too, and I hope you find some competent and compassionate people to help you do that.
I don’t know if my blog content or my comments on other WordPress blogs were flagged, but WordPress has censored me on all of its sites.  The reason you didn’t see me commenting is that they all disappeared into the ether.  I didn’t realize what was happening for awhile.
The only blog I still comment on is 1 boring old man. (update – read below for a revised view) He was kind enough to fish my comments out of spam and somehow keep them viewable.  I’ve also corresponded with Dr. Nardo via email a few times.  He has been polite, but he’s has also been clear that he is not interested in my perspective on things.  He did not visit the blog again after leaving an initial comment there. He doesn’t acknowledge my comments on his blog, either.
I also comment on a few pieces at the NY Times under aek, but lately, those have been censored, too.  Prior to the current blogs, I used to blog every day (links to the rehomed content are included in the most recent 1boringoldman comment), mostly on professional nursing issues and health policy.  Got me a group of cyberstalkers (nurses, physicians and even an EMT), and then homelessness and a fall into the psych system intervened. I had tried to use blogging to build writing skills, network and possibly find freelance writing jobs.  Failed on all counts.
Because my sleep is so poor and chronic pain is worsening, I have a lot of days where I cannot think clearly and so do not write or respond.  I apologize for these silences, but it’s physically impossible. And on other days, I’m so pathetically incompetent that I can’t think of a single thing to write…
At any rate, that’s why I would prefer not to continue to shuttle comments on the blog.  I’ll leave everything intact, though, and I still occasionally add to the reading list.
Annie (my name – the email addy is a Columbia alumni one)
Yesterday, shortly after I commented on Mickey Nardo’s 1 boringoldman blog, this arrived in my email:

Dr. Spitzer apologizes to patients for a mistake. Dr. Frances ends with “and of course most important to our patients” and I’m making a plea for scientific integrity. Do you really think this blog deserves your comments based on that last sentence – which is directed to the DSM-5 Task Force asking them to set a strong example for the profession? Something we surely need.  Do you actually think this blog has “patients consistently absent”? Is this blog as example of a “predatory bankster” mentality?

I published it. And I’m responding privately because I don’t fight in comments. But I just wanted to say that I think you ought to think before you ink. You told me once before that was a problem. You were right. I’d appreciate your keeping your comments on this blog limited to things about this blog or its topics rather than seeing it as a billboard.

For the record, I do care about “our morale, our reputation, and our future.” Yours too…

Mickey Nardo

I was shocked. And I responded in kind, sad to say:

Dear Dr. Nardo:

Without actions that underlie them, the examples you cite are empty words. Where is harm mitigation?  Harm prevention?
I apologize for writing in a way that conflated my opinion of the state of extant organized psychiatry with your personal views and those expressed in your blog.  That was not my intent.
In a previous comment, I searched out links to several posts I had written several years previously about some fundamental issues in professional nursing that appear to have some degree of applicability to organized psychiatry.  I gave a great deal of thought to writing that. I now understand why you did not acknowledge it.
My morale, reputation, future?  Surely you jest.
It is your blog; I don’t quibble with your right to moderate comments.
I appreciate you sharing your dislike for me so that I won’t subject myself to it again, and you and your readers won’t be further tainted.
However, after thinking on this, he did me a favor.  He himself tore the curtain away from the great and (self-portrayed) compassionate Oz/psychoanalytic academic wannabe psychiatrist.
It’s not for nuthin’ that he hasn’t acknowledged your or altostrata’s comments since they both mentioned me.  He’ll just let people think I’m the one choosing silence.  He’s all wise, all knowing, all cult leader all the time.

I have a huge problem with trust. He knew that, and he still did this. In a nutshell (punny), that’s my meta issue with psychiatry. It’s dishonest at its core.

And it’s why there is no professional engagement here or anywhere else I post where mental health practitioners appear. And so, I’m done with blogging about issues which will never be addressed in any extant venue.

Housekeeping: I took the blog private, and you are the sole invitee. I’m happy to swap off to email if we can figure out how to make that work – and of course, it works for you.


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